How does it work?

LvlApp's goal is to help you to level up your English as a second language by listening, writing and repetition.

The idea is simple, pick up the video that you're interested in, choose the difficulty, and start playing by filling in blank spaces. There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts that will help you to navigate over the transcript. You can repeat every line as many times you want. There is no time limit, the goal is to learn!

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Choose the difficulty

The video will load and you will be able to select one of the few difficulty levels. All levels are based on the amount of words that you would have to fill in. For example medium level has one missing word per line on average.

Fill in the blanks

After you choose difficulty, the video will start playing and you can fill in the missing words. The video will stop if you can't guess the missing word. You can replay the line, go several lines back, or just skip the word if it is to hard to get the right spelling.

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Keyboard shortcuts

To help you navigate over the transcript there are some useful keyboard shortcuts:

[tab] skip/show word if you can't guess it
[space] play / pause video
[enter] replay line if you didn't get the missing word
[up] go to previous line
[down] go to next line

Adding words to Phrasebook

Another essential lvlapp's feature is the phrasebook. Usage is straightforward - just click on the word, that you want to save, and then check its definition. After that you can go the repetition section and start learning saved vocabulary.

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